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“Kids believe in magic, but they don’t believe you are a magician. Every move, every word, every single expression of your face has only one motive, and that is to prove them you actually are”.

This precious teaching is essential in Francesco Micheloni’s magic show for children.

Appearance, disappearance, colored silks, amusement and stories with a tiny bit of moral, everything in one show, created for the children, but perfect for the entire family. 

The end sets aside a further surprise: a soap bubble show.

Not simply the creation of soap bubbles, but a true musical where the bubbles will come alive and become the tool with which the magic will happen; they will bounce on the children’s hands, impossible objects will appear right within them and many other wonders…

Every child will live a different, emotional and special experience, together with their parents.

Surely Francesco Micheloni’s show for children is a wondrous memory for the birthday hero to share with the guests.

For further informations contact us on:

– +39 329.7911077

USEFUL RECOMMENDATIONS: you also can enjoy the show along with other forms of animation, carried out by professionals, where children could have fun in maximum safety. For example, baby dance, facial painting, balloons and inflatables are ordinary for us. If your princess is particularly in love with the fantastic world of Frozen, the Reign of ice, ask us further informations about our Frozen Party! Your party has another theme and you don’t know where to find the material? Here is the website for you:

Here you’ll find everything necessary for the organisation of a perfect themed party. A team of professionals will be there ready to show you the best way to have everything you could ever want for your event: plates, cups, tissues, coloured banners (Disney, cartoons, movies, characters….) designs and balloon art.

For further informations about material and balloon art contact: +39 0583210636

"L’essenziale è invisibile agli occhi…"

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